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Covid-19 Update

  • All clients are required to wear a mask when entering the studio.
  • Clients, along with all staff members, will have their temperature taken upon entry. If you have a temperature over 100, you will not be able to enter.
  • Please respect all other members and staff by keeping an appropriate 6 feet distance.
  • Remember to wash your hands before and after each workout. We will also have hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio.
  • We are taking extra precautions to keep our students safe! We will be limiting our yoga classes to no more than 8 people, to ensure that each person is a minimum of 6 feet apart. We have also increased our gaps between classes (minimum of 30 minutes) to ensure that after each class there is plenty of time to clean and sanitize all floor space, equipment, and etc. You will also be required to borrow a studio mat, so we can reassure that everything in the yoga room is properly sanitized.
  • We have made some temporary alterations to our circuit training. The workout will remain the same, however, we will now be running multiple “classes” a day, with a maximum of 8 people at a time. We are also giving a minimum of 30 minutes in between classes to ensure our staff has enough time to fully sanitize all equipment and floor space. We highly recommend that you reserve your spot in advance!
  • We are continuing to offer one-on-one personal training sessions by appointment only! We believe that strengthening your immune system is crucial during this time and we are here to help. Each one-on-one session will have a minimum of 30 minute gaps in between the next session, to ensure that all the equipment is wiped down and sanitized appropriately. If you’d like to book a one-one-session, feel free to give us a call at 760-585-5239.

Myofascial Release Announcement

We are so excited to be offering a new service at YoFiT, Myofascial Release! Click here to find out more…


Build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body with a choice of five different yoga options to fit your goals in Carlsbad CA.

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Circuit Training

We’ve designed a full-body functional circuit training workout in Carlsbad CA (that changes daily) to keep you balanced, strong, and your heart-rate high in just under 40 minutes of hard work.

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Personal Training

Our highly certified personal trainers will not only guide you through workouts that are progressive and result driven, they will also track your full biometrics in Carlsbad CA.

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Yoga – Circuit Training – Personal Training
Carlsbad CA

From circuit training, personal training, to yoga classes in Carlsbad, we believe that combining multiple avenues of fitness will create better all around individuals and athletes.
Our circuit training is high energy and compact, which allows you to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. We focus on rapidly helping you build lean muscle, increasing your fat loss while speeding up your metabolism and increasing your endurance and cardiovascular health. Yoga teaches us proper breath control, body awareness and increases our mobility, which in turn allows us to perform better in our fitness training and in our daily life. Both Yoga and Functional Training teach us how to overcome life’s obstacles, how to handle stressful situations, and how to face challenges head on. We founded our Carlsbad gym to be the second home for all of our customers with an incredibly strong community presence. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, we are all in this together! YoFiT USA can help shape the new you.



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