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Beach Boot Camp Announcement

We are running beach boot camps every Wednesday and Friday at 7 am at Tamarack State Beach Click here to get your first beach book camp for free!


Build strength, awareness and harmony in your mind, body and soul with a choice of five different yoga options to fit your goals in Carlsbad CA.

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Circuit Training

We’ve designed a full-body functional circuit training workout in Carlsbad CA (that changes daily) to keep you balanced, strong, and your heart-rate high in just over 40 minutes of hard work.

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Personal Training

Our highly certified personal trainers will not only guide you through workouts that are progressive and result driven, they will also track your full biometrics in Carlsbad CA.

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Yoga - Circuit Training - Personal Training Carlsbad CA

From circuit training, personal training, to yoga classes in Carlsbad, we have proven that combining multiple avenues of fitness allows you to reach your goals at a fast and sustainable pace, while focusing on longevity. We are not here to change you or create a 'new you', we are here to help you transform into the best version of yourself!

Our circuit training is high energy and compact, which allows you to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. We focus on rapidly helping you build lean muscle, increasing your fat loss while speeding up your metabolism and increasing your endurance and cardiovascular health. Yoga teaches us proper breath control, body awareness and increases our mobility, which in turn allows us to perform better in our fitness training and in our daily life. Both Yoga and Functional Training teach us how to overcome life’s obstacles, how to handle stressful situations, and how to face challenges head on. We founded our Carlsbad gym to be the second home for all of our customers with an incredibly strong community presence. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, we are all in this together! YoFiT USA can help shape the new you.


Month To Month - 30 Day Cancellation

Unlimited Circuit Training


Per Month
  • No Set Class Times
  • 40 Minute Workouts
  • Visual Aids
  • Trainer Always Present
  • Workouts Change Daily

Unlimited Yoga Package


Per Month
  • Heated And Non-Heated
  • Accessible For All
  • Variety Of Classes Daily

InBody Scanner Package


One Time Fee
  • Free Bi-Monthly Check-ins
  • Free Heart Rate Monitor



“YoFiT has been a lifesaver for me. The trainers have supported my fitness journey both physically and mentally. They are so motivating and have helped tailor my workouts to achieve my personal goals. The facility is impeccable and has all the equipment necessary for a killer sweat sesh. What truly sets them apart is how much support they have provided me when I’m struggling. Anyone can give you weights and tell you to go, but YoFiT is the only place that will help you develop that internal voice to push through even the toughest situations in or outside of the gym. They are irreplaceable.”

"Hands down the best gym ever! Great instructors and classes. From yoga to functional training, personal training and an onsite massage therapist who is incredibly knowledgeable and effective for treating and healing injuries. Great Family gym."

"Everyone at YoFiT is awesome! Feels like we’re part of the YoFiT family when we come in to work out! Would recommend 100%"

"This gym is by far the best ever! Staci and Cal have created a COVID safe gym that has not only given me results, but a family. They welcome everyone with open and positive arms. The gym is always clean. The workouts are intense, but worth it! Time flies and I forget I'm even working out, it's more like a challenge. Every trainer there is amazing! Tuesday's with Maddie are so fun and she pushes and encourages you. Alex's evening classes are always upbeat and energizing! You absolutely cannot go wrong with Kelly's yoga classes . I feel like I'm transported to a yoga retreat. She pushes you the perfect amount, but includes history, language, and reasoning into the poses. Allison's yoga classes bring energy and spunk! And, of course, Cal and Staci's classes, which push you to levels you didn't think you could hit! I no longer dread working out, but count the minutes until I can walk in to get my new PR, make amazing friends, and feel amazing!"

Love their yoga ! Amazing trainers and an amazing staff. Very professional and helps you achieve all of your fitness goals 🙂

If you live in La Costa/Carlsbad I can only say how amazing this new Gym is. Trainers are incredible for both CrossFit and Yoga. I’m doing both. You will love it 💪🏼 and not to mention you’ll support local business. Staci (owner) is a past student from LCCHS .

Wanted to say what an amazing experience I had while working out with Staci and the rest of the staff. From check in, to the gym tour, to the actual workout and my send off experience I would recommend to anyone who's interested in finding a new gym home. They value cleanliness and your safety at all times in the gym and that is greatly appreciated since I'm not an expert at working out like this team is. Thank you Staci and staff for such a wonderful experience!

My favorite hour of everyday is coming to Yofit! The entire staff, as well as others working out make you feel like family. The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful, as well as supportive of all goals! I have made so much progress since I first started my membership. Definitely worth trying out!