Best Carlsbad Gym Choice During Covid-19 is YoFiT

Best Carlsbad Gym Choice During Covid-19 to Work Out

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With so many fitness centers in Carlsbad currently closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, news of a new vaccine has brought signs of hope to many. The number of available options in Carlsbad continues to dwindle by the day. Many gyms have been forced to close their doors due to health concerns.

Popular Carlsbad Gyms Closed During Covid-19

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Equinox
  • Core Power

Our Inventive Carlsbad Gym Remains Open Despite Covid-19!

YoFiT has been aware and dealing with Covid-19 since the very start of the outbreak. We’ve struggled as many Carlsbad gym owners have, to remain open. Consequently, we’ve been forced to adapt in light of the ongoing crisis.

In an effort to continue to provide the highest quality experience for our members, we have restructured. We’ve changed not only the way we do business but also how we interact with our members. Our Carlsbad Gym remains open – we will refuse to let Covid-19 shut us down. As such, we have adapted to remain open while following state guidelines and best practices.

Best Carlsbad Gym Choice During Covid-19 is YoFiT
Work out during Covid-19 at YoFiT
Safe Social Distancing During Workouts
Our Carlsbad Gym has adapted to remain open during Covid-19 by instituting new programs like Beach Workouts which allow for greater social distancing in an open air environment.

Our particular Carlsbad Gym has been faced with many challenges this year. We’ve answered them by instituting rigid santizing guidelines on our gym equipment as well as social distancing. We’ve also adapted by offering instructional sessions on the beach which allow our members to work out in an open air environment. These inventive new measures have allowed us to stay operational.

What to do When you love to work out, but all the Gyms in Carlsbad are closed…

Market Watch is reporting that over 90% of gyms remain closed in Carlsbad and San Diego currently. Consequently, this makes us one of the best gym choices for people looking to continue their long term fitness goals during the pandemic.

Carlsbad Gym Accepting New Members

If your gym has been closed due to Covid-19 and you are looking for a new place to work out in Carlsbad, please feel free to contact us – we are accepting new members and would love for you to join us.