- Reduces Pain
- Increases Mobility and Flexibility
- Increases Muscular Circulation
- Increases Recovery Time and Allows You to Continue Training at Your Peak Performance

How it Works:

When we spend hours working out or sitting at desk our muscles begin to tighten and shorten. Adhesions begin to naturally build up on the fascia which surrounds our muscle. Once myofascial tissue becomes chronically shortened and built up, it looses it resilience and flexibility. Think of an old, dried out rubber band; it no longer has the snap or is able to hold items together. Recovery times become longer and you’re no longer able to perform at your best.

Myofascial release is the application of pressure to the trigger points within the myofascial tissues. It allows the reduction of pain by easing tension and tightness that you don’t normally get. Working with the myofascial tissue can also increase and restore your range of motion, perfect for any athlete in recovery.

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