YoFiT is BACK!!

YoFitUSA News

It’s been a few weeks since we first re-opened on May 18th, and while many can agree that this unexpected pause has halted a lot of our personal and community goals, we are making the active decision to find the light from these dark times.

YoFiT was able to connect with our students, friends, and family via Zoom from the very beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine. We were so lucky to see the faces we already know and love, but what really put a smile on our faces was seeing our staff and students’, family and friends join classes from all over the country too! For us, these are the COVID-19 memories we are holding onto – those connections we made!

Spreading love and kindness has been so important to us from the beginning and really now more than ever! With the uncertainty and wild times, we always strive to be a safe space to get out of your head and work it out! We pride ourselves on our values and truly believe that together we can change the world. And of course, helping our students crush their goals is the most amazing process. 

Beyond the goal crushing, we believe in giving back. Since our opening we have raised nearly $800 in fundraising! We donated these funds towards Feeding the Frontline and more recently to the George Floyd Memorial fund. This is only scratching the surface of what we as a YoFiT family wish to accomplish in serving our community and staying socially aware. 

With that said, We are family! Once you walk through our doors, you are welcomed by happy, honest, knowledgeable, energetic staff and students! We’re sure that you’ll immediately feel like part of the family, no questions asked. 

Transform Your Life Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. YoFiT is a safe place, a home to come to when you need an escape from the world. We provide more than just a place to sweat out your struggles from the day, month or years. This is more than just a one stop shop gym. This is home. And we welcome you with open arms and ears. 

We cannot wait to see you soon!

-With love and light, Sophia 


Here’s a quick link to know more about the recent opening of gyms and what to expect as we enter a new way of community and group gatherings.