Yoga after Pregnancy

Yoga after Pregnancy

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Yoga is a great exercise for nursing mothers. Consider doing yoga after your doctor has cleared you to yoga after pregnancy. Health experts report that yoga improves muscle strength and prevents you from getting postpartum depression. In addition, new mothers who include yoga poses in their lifestyle recover much faster. Most yoga poses help with regaining muscle strength, especially around the pelvic region.

Yoga after Pregnancy

However, you have to take it easy. Avoid doing intense yoga exercises immediately after giving birth. Although you may want to shed the baby’s fat as soon as possible, give yourself some time. Alternatively, take part in mild yoga exercises. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you begin any workout routine. It is always advisable to wait for approximately six weeks after giving birth before you start working out. If you had a Caesarian section, wait 3 to 4 months before exercising.

Advantages of yoga after pregnancy

During the prenatal period, a relaxing hormone is usually produced. This hormone stretches your joints and ligaments. Yoga poses can help you restore your joints and ligaments. Also, yoga rebuilds weak muscles and keeps your pelvis and spine in good condition. All in all, yoga boosts your overall health.

Yoga after pregnancy poses also improve your mental health by reducing the chances of getting postpartum depression. Generally, yoga gives you a break from the reality of having a new baby, and, hence, it relaxes your nerves. Consequently, it reduces your chances of getting depression. Contrary to popular belief, postpartum depression is a serious mental disorder. Thus, mothers should do their best to protect their mental health. Transitioning into motherhood can be overwhelming for some people. More often than not, new mothers are not able to sit upright since they nurse 90% of the time. As a result, they experience lower back and hip pain. Doing the right yoga exercises can ease this pain.

Select the right postpartum yoga poses

Even though yoga is essential during postpartum, you have to master the right poses. Otherwise, you would experience an abdominal separation. Avoid exercises like deep twists and crunches. Typically, you should not engage in exercises that put too much strain on your abdomen. Also, do not stretch your stomach too much during postpartum yoga. Yoga exercises that force your belly to face downwards are not ideal after childbirth. Some of the best exercises for postpartum include cow pose, plank pose, cat pose, and malasana.

Always consult your doctor or midwife before you indulge in any yoga poses for abdominal strength. A good percentage of women encounter abdominal separation. If you work out immediately after childbirth, you slow down the recovery process. Not to mention, you may experience more severe health issues. Some of these strenuous poses include the upward bow, among other back bending poses. Even if you feel physically strong and healthy, don’t start working out without your doctor’s permission.

The best yoga pose after pregnancy

Let’s take a look at some of the best yoga after pregnancy poses that can help you improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.

Legs up the wall

This simple pose requires you to lift your legs, rest your body on your chest and meditate. This yoga pose allows blood to flow in the opposite direction and offers maximum relaxation. It boosts both your mental and physical health.

Child’s pose

This pose is ideal for getting rid of back pain, headaches, neck pain, and chest pain. As mentioned earlier, lower back pain is common for most mothers. This yoga pose eases back pain and strengthens your pelvic floor.

Yoga after Pregnancy

Mountain pose

The mountain pose focuses on strengthening your pelvic and neck muscles. It is a simple pose that requires you to lift your arms and lower your shoulder blades. Then, stretch your palms as high as you can, tighten your lower stomach and stay in this position for about 30 seconds.

Bridge pose

These yoga after pregnancy exercises protect nursing mothers from back pain. Also, it makes your hips and legs stronger. Remember, new mothers spend most of their time sitting and nursing their babies. This can make their leg and hip flexors weak. The bridge pose helps you strengthen these muscles. Moreover, this yoga exercise is also perfect for reducing mental stress and preventing postpartum depression.

Standing forward bend

As the name suggests, this yoga pose requires you to move forward in a bending position at waist level. You can always use yoga equipment for this pose. The standing forward bend pose relaxes your mind and boosts your physical health. It protects you from postpartum depression and strengthens your muscles.


Yoga after pregnancy is a great way to boost your overall health. Even so, before you start any yoga exercises after childbirth, consult your doctor or midwife. Always choose less strenuous exercises to avoid experiencing an abdominal separation. Also, avoid exercises that put too much pressure on your belly. Some of the best yoga poses for postpartum include the bridge pose, child’s pose, and standing forward bend.