Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors

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Working out as a senior is challenging. I mean, you no longer have the energy you once had as a young person. But did you know it’s important for older people to work out? Health experts say that people with more than 65 years should take part in mild exercises for at least 3 hours a week. Typically, they should spend at least 30 minutes per day walking or taking part in aerobic exercises. Alternatively, yoga is one of the best exercises for them. Yoga for seniors improves physical and mental health. If you are well advanced in years, do not hesitate to sign up for a yoga class for seniors at a reliable fitness center like YoFitUSA.

What does yoga for seniors entail?

More often than not, yoga for seniors incorporates chair yoga. But what is chair yoga? Chair yoga helps you obtain amazing health benefits while seated on your chair. Standing for a long time can be tiring for older people. Chair yoga enables seniors to stretch their muscles and lower their stress levels when seated on a chair. Chair yoga protects you from common old-age illnesses and focuses on building your stamina and consistency.

A 30-minute chair yoga routine for seniors

It is fun to do chair yoga with your fellow elderly friends. So, it is advisable to join a physical yoga class. Even so, some people may want to do chair yoga at home. Whatever the case, note that chair yoga is a 30-minute workout. All you need is a firm and steady chair that allows your feet to touch the floor. Additionally, you may need a belt or strap for stretching during exercises. Below are the steps involved in chair yoga for seniors. If you are doing the workout at home, you might need a timer to monitor your time.

Step 1: Warming up and improving blood circulation 

In chair yoga, the first 30 seconds are often spent preparing your body for the workout. At this stage, you build stamina to withstand the next steps.

Step 2: Improving balance and strength through standing poses 

Once you finish the warm-up, it’s time to begin yoga poses. These poses are usually done as you hold the back of the chair. Make sure the chair is strong enough and follow the trainer’s instructions. You might need to stand at some point while doing these poses.

Step 3: Take part in the lower body poses to improve flexibility

After the standing body poses, start the lower body poses. Lower body poses require you to stretch your body. At this point, a strap would be useful.

Step 4: Shavasana 

Then, sit down and proceed with the Shavasana pose. The Shavasana pose involves relaxing and using specific breathing techniques to bring your mind to a state of relaxation. During this stage, you can destress and unwind, especially if you’ve had a hectic day. After staying still for a few minutes, your yoga trainer will proceed to wrap up the class.

Pretty simple, right? Yoga for seniors is not strenuous. With chair yoga, you can always exercise while seated.

Why should I consider yoga for seniors?

  • Yoga for seniors boosts your overall health. As you move your body, you stretch your muscles and make them stronger. Additionally, you protect yourself from back pain and terminal illnesses like low blood pressure.
  • One of the main advantages of yoga for seniors is that you can work out from your home’s comfort. There are so many online yoga classes for seniors today. Moreover, you can find free yoga classes on YouTube. Also, since you can do these exercises at home, you can customize them to match your requirements.
  • Yoga for seniors is safe and comfortable. It does not require you to stretch your body too much. Also, yoga for seniors does not injure the muscle. But you have to follow your trainer’s instructions. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself.

Other types of yoga for seniors

Aside from chair yoga, there are other popular types of yoga for seniors. They include:

Restorative yoga:

This type of yoga focuses on stretching your body muscles through a restful technique. In this class, there are minimal physical movements. Thus, it is highly recommended for seniors. Restorative yoga takes approximately an hour.

Yoga For Seniors

Yin Yoga:

This yoga helps you strengthen the whole body and improve flexibility. Yin yoga enhances blood circulation in the joints, hence making you more flexible. This makes it a perfect exercise option for seniors.

Hatha yoga:

Like restorative yoga, hatha yoga incorporates less physical movement and aims at improving your physical and mental health. These classes usually take approximately one hour to one and a half hours. Hatha yoga uses special poses and breathing techniques to boost your overall health.

Even as an older person, it is important for you to be physically active. Joining yoga for seniors is a great way to boost your overall health. At YoFitUSA, we offer different yoga classes for seniors. Do not hesitate to sign up with us. We are only a call away!